Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Road To Somewhere Is Paved With Something.

So, I want to update this at least 3 times a week, and while my four posts yesterday make it easy for me to excuse skipping today, there's just no discipline in that. While this is ostensibly a travel log, it'll surely dip in and out of other topics. so I will give myself a bit of a free pass today, just a bit,and briefly relay my time here thus far. When I'm a little less ragged there'll be more meat on these bones, I assure you.

I got in last night around two in the morning, and walked a few blocks down 42nd st. to take the train to the home of my oldest friend. He lives in Brooklyn, and initially for this trip I was, I shamelessly admit, a bit intimidated. My biggest fear though, and this is the silly part, wasn't about my safety. It was about looking 'Touristy'. Ridiculous, I know. The trip was easy, and we stayed up until after 5 talking and catching up. Sometime after dawn my allergies caught up with me, in a hellish way, and I paced and coughed and blew my nose. I downed about a half bottle of cough syrup to collapse back on the couch and sleep until 2.
I woke up, showered, and left. A cup of coffee at the donut place, and a few hours reading this months Foreign Policy Magazine; Which is really quite fantastic. It details their listing of failed states, and includes a few articles and essays on various troubles afflicting these barely-governed nations, and the thugs and dictators pulling the strings. is it recommended? Highly. The rest of the afternoon was spent walking down Court,Montague, and Henry streets here in Brooklyn. I had some cheap but unsatisfying pizza, and hopped a train to SoHo to meet Tony when he got off work for the Steve Earle concert...which was actually scheduled for the following night. Brilliant. So, instead, we picked up some beers, ordered in some Middle Eastern food (the  lentils soup was good, the baba ganoush was AMAZING) and caught a showing of 'Dinner for Schmucks'. Honestly, my expectations for the film were rather high, and I was let down. However, Steve Carrell's performance was utterly masterful, so cheers to him for that.

I tried to relay to tony the ebullience I'm feeling today. It's not unlike a high, really, a deep sense of rightness. I think I'll stay, I may never go back to Charlotte. I sent some photos i snapped on my phone to my parents and sister while I was at the promenade in Brooklyn Heights:

Tomorrow promises to actually hold a concert, as well as the arrival of my partner-in-crime Bryan. But for now, SLEEP.

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  1. Great view. :)

    Aww, don't say that you won't come back to Charlotte!! At least come back for JDI and CRF.

    I hope that everything works out well in NY for you and that your allergies clear up.