Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Past Was Sweet But The Present Is Louder

Nostalgia for me is like a bratty young sibling,
There's rivalry plenty but affection there, too.
But I've never been sure what to do with the feelings
It brings when I look back, and see there's no you.
So of all that I've lost and of all those left turns,
I'm glad, at least, of where they've brought me ashore,
Whether it's the ink on my back, or cigarette burns,
The road map I've followed lain out for you to adore.
I craned my neck backwards for a glimpse of lost love
And it made me smile, as I began to compare and contrast.
Stood together in line, one name (or several) rises above-
In all I could name, all I could want, you've got them surpassed.
With your wit and your beauty and talent and charm,
Even the bad news- hell, you do my brand of harm.

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