Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Square's nightmare.

"Honey, I had the strangest dream last night. It was about us, but...not? I mean, I was me, but I went by my first name. I was John, not David. No, I know that's not a big deal, but listen, other stuff was different, too. It was kind of like 'It's a wonderful life', except instead of not being born, my life was just different. Yes, sweetie, you were there, don't be weird. You were different, too. Look, ok, you know how I told you I did a lot of theatre in high school? Well, I had this dream that I, well...made it a job. I was such a weirdo! I had this ridiculous haircut, I was broke, drove a crappy car, and just...I dunno, I was just kind of a different person. You? Oh, god you're gonna laugh. You too. You hadn't gone to school- No, I'm not being condescending, in the dream, I'd dropped out neither of us was very smart, I guess- You hadn't gone to school, and you were a singer. I KNOW you can't play any instruments, but in the dream you played guitar and a what'retheycalled, the tiny one- Ukulele, the thing from Hawaii. One of those. and your hair was all crazy. It was hillarious. NO, I'm not laughing at you, I'm not. We just toured around and lived in a van and were crazy all the time. What do you mean, smiling like what? I'm not smiling. No, sweetie, I love our life. I love my job. We have this amazing house, two nice cars...Love, we're going on a cruise next month, how could I wish I had that life? Don't be silly. I couldn't afford the Volvo, You couldn't have your book club in a van, what kind of people would we be? Lot's of stuff we'd have to do without if we lived gypsies, or faeries, or whatever. That's another thing- we had some god awful obsession with faeries and pirates and weird stuff like that, can you imagine? OF COURSE I don't wish you were like 'her'; 'her' is you anway, you big weirdbeard! What, weirdbeard? Huh, I don't know where that came from. I know it does sound stupid, doesn't it? Ugh. Actually, it was kind of a nightmare. You wanna get up and go get some brunch? Let's get out of the house, we'll have an 'us' day. Let's go to the mall."

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