Sunday, November 6, 2011


“Those Boots mock me.”
“They're not mocking you. Go to sleep.”
“They mock me.”
“Will you PLEASE go to sleep?”
“I don't know why you're worried. I'm the one who has to get up at six. And put on those ass hole boots.”
“There's man all over, for you. Blaming on his boots the faults of-”
“Oh, don't quote Beckett at me me now, Jesus.” The young man said, hitting his girlfriend with a pillow. She deflected easily and lightly punched his shoulder. “I thought it'd cheer you up, damn it. Now go to sleep, Ross. You DO have to be up early, and that's why I'M worried.”
“I can't do it. I can't go in. Do you know what they're going to make me DO in there?”
“Probably Warehouse-y things? I don't know. And of course you're going in. Barry is doing you a favor and your acting like it's a death sentence. GO. TO. SLEEP.”
Ross was silent for a moment. “I really can't do this, Meg.” He said quietly. She leaned over in the bed, resting her head on his shoulder. “I know it's hard, honey, and I know you're..uncomfortable, and still reeling. But just think about why we're here, and why you're doing this. You know it's the right thing to do. You know, more importantly, you CAN do this. I know you can. It'll be fine, sweetie, you'll be fine.” she murmured, grabbing his hand. He held her fingers loosely, like coins jingled before a vending machine. “Meggy, I just...I can't go into that warehouse and work, like that, I'm not saying I'm too good, it's not that of course, I just...It's the opposite, really! I'm an idiot, with things like this, you know that, I'm clumsy, I have one useless skill and-” She cut him off, reaching a hand up to his cheek. “Stop it. Just stop, sweetie. You'll be fine.”
“They're gonna want to know about me.”
“And you'll tell them you just moved here, to take care of your mom.”
“Some of them probably knew my dad.”
“Then you won't have to explain, and they'll probably just offer condolences and give you space.”
“Meggy, I...I just can't. I'm a singer, I have soft hands and nice clothes and these are real men and I haven't had a real job in three years and even then I was a fucking waiter, I-”
“Ross. Baby. Stop it.” She grabbed his head and turned him to face her, next to him in the bed. “You're going to do this. You know you are. And I know you can do this. Because you, my love, are amazing. And when you set your mind to something, you do it. I've seen you.”
“I haven't set my mind to this, though, is the thing.” he said quietly.
“Why are we here?” she asked patiently.
“ look after mom. 'Cause if I went back to New York, she'd drink herself stupid or throw the cats at the wall or something and lose this stupid house.”
“OK. Now, tomorrow, You're not going in to be an inventory clerk at your dad's warehouse. You're going in to earn some money to help your mom. Barry will make it an easy first couple of days, he knows what you've been through since the accident. Hell, every one in this town knows. Practically all of them worked for your dad. They'll be on your side, ok?” She rested her head on his shoulder again.
“Meggy, I'm just...I'm sorry. You didn't have to come down here with me, I shouldn't have brought you here.”
“Well, thanks, boss, but it wasn't up to you. I didn't really give you a choice.” she said wryly, punching him again. “I'm not staying in Brooklyn without you. And I can find a job at a coffee shop or something, god knows I worked at Starbucks long enough. You know what we'll do? We'll talk to the Community Theatre people, see when they're having auditions or something.”
“So you can make fun of them? Meggy, you DO NOT want to do some small potatoes production of 'Our Town' I know you, you'd hate it.”
“You underestimate my ability to adapt, good sir. Now Ross, please, let's sleep, honey. Turn of the light.”
He kissed her forehead, and as he pulled away, she pulled him down and their mouths met. After, he turned off the lamp, and eventually, they slept.

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