Monday, December 5, 2011

I Know As Little About This As You Do

God and Love sat together on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, watching the sky brighten in an overcast dawn. The city was empty, as Justice had completed her evacuation of the capitol mere hours before. God sat, his tie loosened and sleeves rolled up, nervously checking his phone.
 "She should have called by now." He said, looking out over the reflecting pool. While the clouds prevented any dazzling reflections of sunrise on those shallow waters, the red sequins of Love's dress somehow found a light to play with, and glittered beneath God's blazer, wrapped around her shoulders. Her  bony, emaciated frame shivered in the brisk morning, and she idly twirled her long pearls around one finger.
 "I don't see why she had to take all of those people, it's so boring here now. Couldn't she have just done this by herself?"
 "It is the very nature of an evacuation that it be a well populated affair." God said, smiling. "By definition, she couldn't evacuate alone." Love glared at him, then went on:
 "Well, why couldn't I go with her?"
 God narrowed his eyes, but they kept, as they perpetually do, their mirth.
 "The situation leading to evacuation did not require your inclusion." This warranted a yelp from Love, and she swatted him on the arm.
 "I do hate it when you all treat me as though I am simple."
"Oh, no." He laughed. "Not simple, never that."
 "Stupid, then." She muttered, feeling corrected. God was silent, smiling at her. He nudged her elbow with his.
 "Stupid, then." They both smiled at the old family joke. Love's sharp fangs, like her dress, still managed to shine in the sun. She sighed. "So how long must we wait?" God again checked his phone.
 "It's already been too long. I can't imagine what's taking her. She's simply got to march them to the harbor, put them on the boats, and make sure they don't kill each other in the process." Just then, the phone in his hand lit up, and began vibrating.
 "It that her? Is she done?" Love asked clapping her bony hands over her breast.
 "No, it's Entropy." God said, reading the text from his screen and grimacing. Checkmate, it had said. "Don't worry about it. Shall we walk?" He asked, rising. Love put one hand in the air and he helped her up, as she smoothed her red dress. They descended the steps, arm in arm.

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