Wednesday, January 11, 2012

This Page Is Dog Eared

'Tis but a margin stands between us, your paragraph & mine,
As we've nimbly skipped prologues and contents in their tables.
Every page is full of lines, our words & speeches, descriptors grand,
The punctuation all our souvenirs, these ellipses just my footprints...
They led me to your chapter, your exclamation points! & bold! & CAPS!
We'll build a paper fort of the book we write, there to settle, there we'll nest. 
What fun, what treats, what tricks & puns, & oh, the cleverness of me, & you.
The page will turn, but we'll keep pace, skipping spines & indentations alike, 
Wrapped in our dust jackets, skating on bookmarks, swordfighting with our pens.
It's you & I, my dear, these words, this journal, these colored pencils, too.
Our journey, our plans, adventures & holidays, everyday, every passage
We're setting out, ink-to-paper, hand-over-heart, head-over-heels...
& where the story ends, I haven't a clue, but when the final chapter comes-
We'll greet that page hand in hand, erasers aloft, & fresh reams at the ready.

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