Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Cheers & Amen

A toast, hear hear!
Raise glasses, cheers!
To where we should not be,
And to all of the parties
We can't bring ourselves to leave.

And salude, too
The people whom
We wish we could have helped.
And to those that we forget
In the intrest of ourselves.

A health then, boys!
Let's make some noise-
We celebrate our faults!
For they're all that we have left-
And they're loudest of our thoughts.

Now drink again,
Your draught of sin.
Grow drunk on past mistakes.
And tell yourself: they're no worse
Than those any one could make.

Your back is turned,
Those bridges burned,
But it's a parting gift.
You can't do harm, after all,
From across your self-made rift.

So drink, and go,
Don't look back- no!
Leave only your regrets.
The best that you can hope for...
Is the chance she may forget.

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