Friday, April 20, 2012

The Milk-Carton Of Human Kindness

My heart sits down to breakfast
And pours himself a bowl
Of the sugar-coated treats that are his only fuel.
The face appearing on the mlk carton before him
Is yours, my dear, missing for all these years.
Now the authorities- Neruda, Byron, Lennon & Mcartney-
Have all stopped an active search
But can't give up the pretense of vigilence.

My heart chews as he gazes wistfully,
At your lost beauty enshrined carton-side.
He can finish no puzzles,
Every 7 letter word to him seems your name.
The most important meal of the day
Comes and goes with that reminder
That you're out there, somewhere.
My heart sighs, gathers his things, and leaves.
His car stereo plays, and his mind


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