Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My Second-hand Year

This is the first entry of my new blog, which I invite you to follow here: My second-hand Year.

The goal I have set for myself will begin on my birthday, October 24th, 2012, and after one year, I'll see what I've learned, how I feel, and what's next.

I'm hoping to spend as little of my money as possible on new things. All of my clothes, shoes, books, movies, bedding, kitchen gadgets and utensils, housewares, and anything else possible will come from thrift stores, yard sales, estate sales, craigslist, freecycling, or any method available of obtaining used items. I want to eliminate from my life all packaging possible, all things produced through astoundingly wasteful means to serve only me. I want to minimize my reliance on disposable...anything.

What are my goals? I should admit I've never been among the top-tier of enviromentally conscience people, and this isn't really about that. I'm looking to be a better steward of not only my wallet, but the production that goes into what I own. It's about a broader kind of consuming, and an awareness of cost.  Sure, I stand to save some money, and I'm sure there's a green angle, but mainly I want a narrower footprint. It's a damn near moral issue for me, whatwith that blurry Puritan/Protestant background and all.

By trade & by lifestyle, I am a traveling nomad, so reducing my pile of goods is always on my mind. I don't know that limiting myself quantitatively is reasonable, expressed as an abstract, that project is unattainable for me, & coming up with a formula would only breed a list of exceptions (I've tried it).

While this blog claims to be a log of my adventures traveling around the country performing at Renaissance Festivals, it's really just a collection of my creative writing. Here's hoping the new one can stay more on-topic.

I'm planning to share my thoughts and feelings as I refine my purpose in all of this, and any fun things I find along the way- be they items I buy,  joys I experience, or frustrations along the way. I'll try and be upfront as I challenge my own (almost certainly shameful) materialism, and what I discover about myself and my habits. I'll pass along tips and tricks, as well, if I've any to share. You'll probably also hear me whining about new shoes and coats and hats I see and want but have maddeningly promised myself not to buy...

See you at the thrift store-

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  1. JD. This is brilliant. I did an "Anti-Consumerism April" thing once and I swear it was the hardest thing I've ever done. Damn Target and damn Americans. This is going to be great.