Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I gave up on the Internet as a social tool about a year ago, yet here I am. This comes on the advice of several people (OK, just my Mother) and it does feel good to challenge myself thusly. to update daily... can I do it? I've always got something to say, and frankly my life's gotten so damn interesting lately, how can I not talk about it? This, coupled with the free time I have means a lot of musings. So here we are.
In November of 2008 I joined a cult, a coven, a gang and a family. I fell in with a group of hack wizards who hung up their wands for dirty jokes, and it was the best thing thats happened to me. Since that time, I've been to the desert, New England, Florida a few times, New York, South Dakota, Texas, and Georgia which technically counts as 'someplace'. Our little outfit tours Renaissance Festivals all over the country telling slightly skewed stories. Oh, here:


I lived for a while in trailers, tents, hotels and trucks. Juggling knives, elephants (not juggled), and fire breathing have become normal. I participated in a conversation once about "oh you know, just your average hurdy-gurdy".
Also, I'm one of those guys with an always volatile love life. so that gives me lots to brood about, too.

Adventures to expect herein:

Road Stories
Renaissance Festival Anecdotes
Drunken Adventures
Slapstick & Grief
Arts Criticism
Dating Mishaps
Drunken Adventures, Revised
Brooding & Thoughtfulness
Attempts To Produce Meaningful Fiction
Pug Worship

Set Sail!

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