Tuesday, August 17, 2010

An Excuse, But First We've Got Some Catching Up To Do

Surely, surely, he's got a good reason, I say a damn good reason, for this...week and a half lag in updating. Sure he does.

I'll get to that.

I'm at my most thoughtful, ever, and it's getting almost taxing. On some levels I feel like a script, with improving dialogue, dropped characters, and new settings. Some scenes have been dropped altogether, and the writer decided to highlight some of the religious overtones. I feel certain I am gaining better insight and control regarding who I am, but at times and nagged with doubt, that I might be losing that very thing.
I spent two days at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It was amazing. To b honest, it was the American wing that came out of nowhere to blow me away, all tiffany glass and period rooms. The crafting was amazing. The deep storage room at the met is probably my favorite part, its just shelves and shelves and shelves behind glass of artifacts, with no context, in some cases multiple versions of the same piece, large busts, furniture, baseball cards... it's a wonderful, wonderful closet.
I also went to the East Village over my hiatus, and Boy! Did I ever love it. Dirty, Touristy, but not like Times Square, and full of Eastern Europeans and Flaming Queens. I think technically it was Washington Square/NYU area, to be fair. And I'm kind of falling for Astoria, too. If you want really tasty pizza and super friendly people, go to Rizzo's.
I'm extremely lucky right now, because at each end of the weekend I am excited to leave, and then return to, the city. Of course, the camping is less enjoyable with rain, but we make do.
We had an incredible weekend at the festival, a ton of fun, hats we an't complain about, and even the rain made the day fun!
I completely realize this post is lacking in any real refinement, but I wanted to get something up quick, to make up for the week off. And about that.... the train ride from Brooklyn to Tuxedo is a tricky one, because the train from Seacacaus doesn't run frequently. So, as my partner and I strolled in to the NJ transit terminal of Penn. Station AND THE POWER WENT OFF it was a delay that cost us. We got to Secaucus Junction with about two and a half hours to kill. How did we kill them? We drowned them in pitchers of sangria. Three pitchers of sangria, to be exact. So as soon as we boarded our Tuxedo bound train I fell right to sleep, and was pretty foggy when we got off to wait for our ride onto site. I plugged in the lap top to charge in the waiting area, and left it there. I didn't realize my mistake until Saturday afternoon or so, and wasn't able to start making any phone calls until Monday. NJ transit: nothing. MTA North: Nothing. Police Department for the town of Tuxedo: success! My net book was picked up by an officer making rounds at ten PM Friday. This past Monday, I was able to get a ride into town from some hippies, and a soft-spoken Moroccan gentleman (recently divorced, probably depressed) took me to the Police station. I retrieved my computer and then rode back to the city. My book bag broke and there was a leak over my seat, I lost and had to re-buy my ticket (an extra 16 bucks) and Penn. station at five thirty was of course a madhouse, but I made it, to Brooklyn, intact, and reunited with my little toy computer. Hopefully, Updates will return to a schedule that isn't stupid. Also, they'll hopefully have some meat on their bones and not just be random stops along my way.

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  1. Yay! I was going to say that since you were getting your netbook back from the police that we would expect updates. :) Glad your weekend was good!