Saturday, December 10, 2011

Appian Way

It was three thousand, seven hundred and six miles ago
Sixteen states of the union,
A thousand states of mind,
Since we split up that night,
Outside of the diner
And you'd wished me all the best.
But you found out my lies and you
Heard 'bout what I'd done
From a pay phone in Memphis
I heard all your cryin',
Waited 'til you were done shouting.
I got in my car and rolled down my windows
Let the radio take me
Far from what I'd done
The highway's a calendar
It counts down the days
From what I've been sent a way for
'Til my cross on the hill
So I'll drive on down
The longest road in Rome
It's just got one stop light
But at the end of it
you're home.

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