Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Sound And The Fury And You

I was terribly, terribly, young
When the rains first came.
And the sound and the sound and the sound
Was crashing all around, it was all over all around.
I found some refuge in the hollow hopes I'd held
That a life for me was waiting, just waiting,
At the end of a long, long, long road.

The tempest was raging but the shutters drawn tight
When you'd come to town, when you started hanging around
The sky it hung low and the humidity could have crushed me
But you brought a breeze brought a breeze brought a cool breeze.
So you held me tight while the house was rocked and the power out
I shivered and shook and you held my hand, I rattled and buzzed but you held me down
You told me your secrets in the loudest part of the quietest night

When my rages were boundless and my emptiness viscous
You still couldn't run or walk or crawl away
When the thunder was closest and hail stones like bullets
You wanted only to hide me in the basement
But I flung open the windows and stuck out my arms
The rain it would lash me but the lightning never took me
I threw all your possessions like they were my weapons,
Like missiles and cannonballs, rocks and arrows for battle

The one thing I feared was finally what happened
With all of this weather a fog naturally forms
It rolled in on a Sunday obscuring the staircase
And the rain on the roof was the sound of your fall
I heard the echoes of your tumble, your curses and shouts
I couldn't remember, god couldn't remember, I still can't remember
If you fell or if maybe I'd pushed.

I awoke to your leaving, or maybe you'd gone
And the shadow whose back I saw was only a ghost
But I sat in the house and when it finally stopped raining
The silence was creepy so I filled it with song
And this is the first thing I wrote on that morning:

"If I could build a boat of my longing I'd set your body upon it and burn you both in the bay,
You'd sail home to Valhalla borne by a ship of all that I'd lost on that terrible day"

Well the rain still comes in some days
I guess I don't mind.
The hail's all but stopped now and the wind doesn't howl
I have all my ups and I still have my downs,
But I don't know anymore which is better, which worse
I talk about you in the past tense these days...
Where you've gone there's no storming,
Where you'll go there's just summer.
So I'll stand by my shore line watching the clouds as they roll in
I'll remember the days of the sound, and the fury, and you.
The sound, the fury, and you.
Me, and me, and you.

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